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that in a second. let me talk about the political mistakes made by the obama administration. passing a plan through two houses of congress it controlled, not bothering to garner a single vote from the republicans -- >> but they tried to do that. look at the negotiations with chuck grassley. how many months did those drag on for? olympia snowe said she wouldn't do it because no other republican would. >> they had more time to try and enough was at stake, and the bill is significant enough that they should have made more of an effort because now managing political damage, including the very irony of my piece and why i'm here is that they have no political sport. conservatives, yes. and i'll agree with you on the other point. the conservatives have not helped. by abandoning some of these ideas and simply branding this thing a government takeover of health care, which is equally as unhelpful to all of us, hasn't done them a bit of good as well. by even the way they've branded this as obamacare, as if that were pejorative, as if that were a negative shows that there's political disregard and disrespect
obama. he also endorsed obama's re-election effort. today mitt romney received the backing of charles krout krauthammer. our next guest has worked for both republican and democratic administration during his time leading the government accountability office. this year he decides to endorse mitt romney. here's the ceo and president of the come back america initiative david walker. you have made the debt your big issue this year. you're endorsing mitt romney. tell us why? >> i came back from a 9,500-mile tour and met with thousands of vote voters around the country. 97% believe it should be the top priority. only 8% have confidence in the current line-up getting the job done. i endorsed him not because of his plan, because neither candidate has a plan that i think is details enough for the american people, but because his proven leadership ability and track record of transforming organizations and working on a bipartisan basis and i think it's critically important that we have inspired leadership today. this country faces key challenges that are getting worse with the passage of time, a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)